The work of Jessa Goselin

Illustrator, artist, storyteller

Jessa is an independent illustrator and writer graduated from UMass Dartmouth with a BFA in design, currently living and working in Massachusetts.They specialize in unique character design, and have a passion for exploring the intersection of art and storytelling through comics, illustrated short fiction, and zines.

OCT 30, 2021

NEW Shop UpdateLooking for a spooky story to read this Halloween? My short story, Daja Vu, is now available for purchase on Gumroad as well as on Patreon, freshly polished and featuring new original art on the front and back covers.Buy here

AUG 2, 2021

Shop UpdatePhysical copies of the Imposter Syndrome minizine now available on Gumroad! Get some creepy little friends to carry around in your pocket with you.Buy Here

JULY 19, 2021

Exclusive Story Available On Patreon-- "Daja Vu"summary: Daja Downes is getting ready for a dinner party. On the guest list is herself, her fiance Mark, her estranged twin sister Ava, and Ava's mysterious romantic partner who Daja has yet to have met. She's been preparing for this night for a long time, and she'll be preparing for it for far longer still, because the fact is this dinner has already happened, is happening, will happen, until Daja can find a way to make it stop.Read Here

JAN 11, 2021

I've got a Patreon!
Patrons can subscribe for (currently) anywhere from $1 to $5 a month to get access to benefits such as:
- Early access to works in progress
- The ability to vote in polls on what new projects I should work on next
- Viewing exclusive content and works-in-progress
Right now I've got a new short story up for early access, available to all subscriber tiers.If you like what I do and would like to support me, please consider checking out my Patreon page HERE

DEC 28, 2020

NEW short story: Shortwave Radio"Why he decided to leave behind a perfectly good astral cluster and go sight-seeing on a spinning ball of dirt in this great cosmic nothing of a solar system is a mystery to the entire family, but it’s been almost ten years now and so they’ve all had no choice but to conclude that he’s not coming back any time soon.
The right thing to do is to support him in it, so says tender-hearted big brother Hercules, and if that means jumping through a few hoops to attend some strange human ceremony in this hot and lifeless wasteland, then that’s simply what they’ll do."
Read the full story here:

OCT 30, 2020

New zine "Imposter Syndrome" available now on Gumroad. Imposter Syndrome is a short horror story about a young girl and her identical imposter.Get it here:
And check out my other zines here: